Download Woman gives birth to 10lb baby in car 3gp, Mp3 & Mp4 full hd

Download Woman gives birth to 10lb baby in car 3gp, Mp3 & Mp4 full hd

2015-07-20 01:45:09
Esteban Diaz


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Evelyn Dioso

Godbless your son 😊

Meghan F

Here’s exactly what to do if your baby is born before you get to the hospital. If you follow these steps you can dramatically reduce the risk of problems for your baby if they’re born before you get to the hospital. What to do if the baby is coming early - Call an ambulance and someone will be able to talk you through the birth until the ambulance arrives - Get down low and put a towel under you so the baby has a soft landing. Don’t sit on the toilet - If you have a heater put it on and get some towels on it or in the dryer to warm - As soon as the baby is born, put her straight on your chest and rub dry with a towel. Get whoever is there to put a second warm dry towel over the baby removing the now damp one. Your skin is the best way to warm a baby up - If the baby is not breathing try blowing in her face as the cold air can make her gasp and take a breath. If that doesn’t work rub the baby’s back up and down with the towel as this can stimulate her to breathe. - If the baby doesn’t respond to these initial steps you may need to resuscitateher using CPR, but this is rare - Keep the baby warm at all times and especially cover the head as this is where a lot of heat is lost - Do not cut the cord or attempt to tie it with string or shoelaces or anything else, just leave it attached to the baby - Do not pull on the cord and try to deliver the placenta as you may cause heavy bleeding or even pull the uterus out which is then a serious emergency - Try to stay warm and calm, and maintain skin-to-skin contact with your baby, as help will arrive soon.

Claire Harvey

I am pregnant with twins

Claire Harvey

Was it sore

Emily Mullenger

Did you have a great day and a healthy baby?

Philip Wells

i didnt mind this cause you didnt have to see the baby ruin the womans box on the way out


Holy. Shit. He was so calm and she was in shock. This is just...amazing honestly. Amazing.