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Becca Carpenter

Why do you have a shot of hook and Emma from once upon a time? Hook is played by Colin O'Donoghue

Diamond Marie

Thankgod it was cancelled

Julien Kane

It's a shame that people don't realize that Michael Jackson, when he was alive had a great sense of humor. He knew how to have fun and laugh even at himself. This episode looks so funny, I was waiting to see it. I'm sorry they canceled it. Joseph Fiennes would have done a great job if given the chance. It was not about laughing at Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor or Marlon Brando, it was about laughing at the idea of these three famous people going on a road trip and what they might experience.

Elpida Maria

As you see Paris Jackson does not agree with that! What's wrong with you people! I'm sure you LAUGH AT HIM!!!!!

Elpida Maria

How could they!!!!!!😬 Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson!!!! What a stupid!!!! MJ is beautiful and Fiennes is...... I can't discribe him! I'm very furious!!!!

Trung Trương


Robert Ohlen

What the hell is this google translate voice. FeeYennes.