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Weird the movie looks awful!!!! First of all the actor doesn't even sound like Michael. And his nose looks all clogged up.

So Sonny Baby

It has been pulled.

john best

For those who see nothing wrong with this I say fine Lets have Morgan Freeman portray himself as JFK. I could hear it now from you same Whites who think nothing is wrong with it. Thisd is the same high jacking of History that has occurred for decades. That is why people to this day think the Egyptians were White. Like Egypt is in SWEDEN. Unbelievable.

Virginia Taylor

WTF? That is horrid.

John Doe

Hollywood is made up of a bunch of morons. Pure idiots.

David Ginn

He looks white to me(Michael),so what's the big deal, are we suppose over look his appearance, if someone played him who was of darker skin or didn't have a nose job, we would not recognize him as Michael Jackson.


Michael said " it don't matter if YOU are black or white", he said nothing about himself. Still, who cares. White people gave him all his money, so if white people want to portray him as white, then white he be. HEEEE-hee---hee..............moonwalk.....jazzhands....... mic....drop....................................