Download Kitkat Playroom: Baby Bloomers + Gatitos Exploradores 3gp, Mp3 & Mp4 full hd

Download Kitkat Playroom: Baby Bloomers + Gatitos Exploradores 3gp, Mp3 & Mp4 full hd

2018-02-23 23:31:23
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WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING ADOPTION APPLICATIONS FOR 4 KITTENS. VISIT to learn more. You are watching an adoptable rescue momcat and 8 kittens being fostered by Kitkat Playroom, a nonprofit kitten rescue in New Jersey, USA. LIKE AN ITEM THAT YOU SEE ON THE WEBCAM? Find out what it is! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. FOLLOW US ONLINE: Adopt, Donate, Wishlist: Facebook: Instagram: Names: Momcat: Perennial (nicknamed Perrie) - HAS APPROVED ADOPTER Black (m): Sprig Dilute tortie (f): Seeder Grey tuxie (f): Budsie - HAS APPROVED ADOPTER Calico (f): Petal Ginger (m): Sprout - HAS APPROVED ADOPTER Grey tabby (m): Mossey Dark tabby with white eyeliner (f): Isa - HAS APPROVED ADOPTER Light stripey tabby (m): Diego - HAS APPROVED ADOPTER WEIGH-INS Baby Bloomers Weight chart: Gatitos Exploradores Weight chart: Kitkat Playroom rescued a 2-year-old calico momcat and her six 2-3 week old kittens on March 6. Momcat was living on the streets of Philadelphia with them and a good samaritan found them on March 6 and brought them to ACCT Philly, the local shelter. Momcat amazingly protected her babies through the cold and winter storms outdoors! About the Gatitos Exploradores: Kitkat Playroom rescued 5 newborn babies from a family who surrendered them on February 23. They were born approximately February 20 to a housecat, who passed away 24 hours after they were born. The Gatitos Exploradores (Exploring Kittens) are named after characters from Go Diego Go! Diego is Dora the Explorer's cousin, an 8-year-old boy from Latin America who volunteers at his local animal rescue center during the day. His adventures involve saving animals and protecting their environment. . Benny MooBoo (passed away suddenly on 4/8) (It broke our heart to lose you, but you did not go alone): Pepito (Passed away peacefully on 3/5) (Gone from our sight, but never gone from our heart) : Tico (Passed away peacefully on 2/28) Kitkat Playroom is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) rescue based in southern New Jersey. We believe that tiny cats are mighty heroes. Any donation you contribute is tax-deductible. We are an all-volunteer rescue; we have no paid staff. Cash/credit, food, and supply donations made to Kitkat Playroom go directly to the needs of our adoptable fosters. Monetary donations are used for their emergency and routine veterinary care. Anything donated in excess of their needs will be saved and used for the next family of momcat/kittens that Kitkat Playroom rescues. THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING TO DONATE TO OUR KITKUBS! We are very small and need every bit of help we can get! CHAT GUIDELINES: - NO SWEARING or dirty talk. Please keep chat PG and family-friendly. - Please do not type in all caps when Foster Jen is speaking in the room, which helps our viewers who have difficulty hearing or viewers who do not have their sound turned on. We appreciate your enthusiasm! We think the kittens are SQUEE!!-worthy, too! However, please use other methods to express yourself, like emojis. :-) - Do not use abusive language about momcat, the kittens, or each other. We can disagree, but please be respectful. - You may link to other rescue kitten or rescue animal cams, in moderation. Do not ask for subscriptions to personal channels. Do not advertise non-rescue cams or channels. - We support the tremendous effort of animal rescues around the globe. That said, it can be confusing to Kitkat Playroom viewers when someone discusses cats from another cam. Moderators will use their discretion and may remove posts that confuse the chat. - IGNORE the trolls. Trolls are bored, sad people who intentionally try to upset you with antagonizing messages. They want you to respond. They go away if you ignore them. - #dontbeweird - Enjoy the show!

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